Goodbye Complexity. Hello Push-Button Failover.

Your days of thinking about disaster recovery as a luxury or too complex are over.  Meet NetBackups’ Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA), which equips every business with the ability to restore critical systems, applications, and business files in minutes. Delivered as a physical or virtual appliance, the CFA includes DR software and cloud services.  All for the cost of backup.

  • Rapid Failover from Anywhere:

    Recover systems and applications from the CFA (in seconds) or the cloud (in hours). From VMs to physical servers, we’ve got you covered.
  • Reduce DR Costs

    When the cloud and intelligent software join forces, good things happen. It’s how we erase expensive hardware and complex steps from the DR equation so you don’t need a second site, additional IT resources, or forklift upgrades to protect your business.
  • Build DR Your Way:

    The Future of DR means having the flexibility to deploy DR and protect your business without vendor restrictions. With NetBackups, you get complete physical and virtual environment protection, cloud storage targeting flexibility (our cloud, private cloud, public cloud), and robust OS support, so you can protect more of your business without all the compatibility headaches.