Push Button Failover

Be the Failover MacGyver Your Business Needs

Downtime comes in all shapes and sizes which is why IT needs the ability to failover from the appliance and cloud. CFA is the best failover Swiss Army Knife IT can buy.  Hardware and complexity not included.

  • Rapid Push-Button Failover:

    Bring your business back to life in minutes with less hardware, complexity, and training costs.
  • Local Boot and Cloud Boot:

    You can failover a single virtual machine (VM), applications, network, or site locally or in the cloud at no extra charge.
  • Physical & Virtual Environments:

    Extend rapid failover to both physical and virtual environments with agent-less failover. And we hate to brag, but CFA can boot multiple VMs concurrently on the appliance in minutes and in the cloud.  Just saying.