Reduce DR Costs

Less Hardware

When others say get more hardware, NetBackups says get more cloud. Finally, software that understands not all data needs expensive local storage. That’s why CFA intelligently spills data into the cloud based on rules you set, so you can scale DR without additional hardware.

  • Lower Upfront Costs:

    Taking a cloud-centric approach to failover eliminates the expensive hardware and resources needed to create a secondary failover site. Increasing business uptime with a lower upfront investment is a win-win.
  • Maximize Every Storage Hardware Dollar:

    You know that not all data needs expensive local storage and now you’ll have software that automates this process for you. Set the rules and our software does the rest. We call it cloud spillover. Our customers call it more money in their pocket.
  • Reduce Operating Costs:

    CFA doesn’t require specialized resources to deploy, manage, or use. It’s push-button simplicity that’s easy enough for a fourth grader.