Cloud Storage

More than Meets the Eye

For companies that want to take advantage of cloud efficiency and cost savings, you can easily add cloud storage so that the Data Protection Appliance replicates your data to your choice of cloud: NetBackups, Private, or Public. When the cloud and intelligent software join forces, good things happen.

Cloud Storage

  • Maximize Every Storage Dollar:

    You know that not all data needs expensive local storage and now you’ll have software that automates this process for you. Set the rules and our software does the rest. We call it cloud spillover. Our customers call it more money in their pocket.
  • No More Cloud Bottlenecks:

    Improve upload and download speeds by 5X with our advanced WAN Acceleration that maximizes data throughput of your backup data.
  • Cloud Replication Flexibility:

    True flexibility means you choosing where your data is kept. You can use our cloud, your cloud, or popular public clouds like Amazon and Azure.