NetBackups Cloud

Mission-Critical Data – Always Protected. Always Available

Never Over-Buy or Get Locked-In

The NetBackups Cloud is fast, secure and infinitely scalable. Only get as much storage as you need and if you ever decide to start using another public cloud or deploy privately, we’ll help with that too. Avoid buying more than you need today or getting stuck in one environment.



No Extra Hardware Needed

Take immediate advantage of NetBackups’ solutions on top of the NetBackups Cloud, no extra setup, no extra hardware necessary. Simply install the NetBackups software on whichever devices you want to protect and go!




Reason 3: Data Centers

NetBackups maintains twelve (12) Tier IV data centers globally. No matter where you are you can rely on quick, secure protection of your data. You can optionally replicate between data centers as well, ensuring data won’t be lost in a disaster.