Laptops & Mobiles

Mission-Critical Data – Always Protected. Always Available

Close the Gap

Most backup solutions don’t take care of endpoints like laptops, tablets and smartphones. Yet, more and more, employees are distributed and creating important data on these devices leaving a large gap in the full protection of a company’s data. With NetBackups, every device in an organization can be protected within one Dashboard.



Don’t Recover from Data Loss, Prevent It

Mobile devices and laptops connected to NetBackups can be remotely geo-tracked. Further, should a device ever be lost or stolen, your IT admin will be able to quickly wipe specific data or even render a machine completely unbootable.




Designer Scalability

NetBackups takes scalability seriously. Add as many devices as your organization has, no limits. Data deduplication means files won’t be transferred needlessly. IT managers can do everything remotely via a web-based dashboard. End-to-end encryption technology ensures information is kept secure no matter where it comes from.




Mobile Backup, Cloud Access & Sharing

Using NetBackups’ apps for Android and iOS you’ll have access to the data in your cloud as determined by your IT admin. Share and send files or pull up a document on the fly. Backup info on your Android tablet or iPhone to make sure absolutely nothing is at risk of being lost. Download via Google Play and the Apple App Store