Centralized Management

NetBackups delivers a Centralized Management Dashboard to keep you in control. Management functions include remote deployment, reporting, and monitoring.

Using the Dashboard to manage backups in your business is simple. From this single page, you’ll have access to the following tools:


Remote management

Report scheduling and access

Sub-account provisioning

Server license provisioning

GB usage

Username and password creation for sub-accounts


Remote Management and Control

Management and control of multiple locations and devices is also easily managed from our Centralized Management Dashboard. As an IT manager, you are likely in charge of data protection and business continuity for multiple offices. Manage backup across your enterprise from a single location.


Remote deployment: Use our MSI to deploy backups across your network, no matter where your offices, workstations, and servers are located.

Remote monitoring: Our Dashboard allows you to monitor your backups from any web browser and any internet connection. View backup events behind any firewall (or no firewall at all).

Remote account creation: Our Dashboard will enable your IT department to create online backup accounts for existing employees, new employees, and new devices. NetBackups allows companies to create an unlimited number of online backup accounts.


Backup and Account Reporting

Access backup and account reporting for all of sub-accounts in your organization anywhere. After deploying online backup accounts remotely, your IT department will always have access to backup reporting by account.


Report by account: Our Dashboard gives access to backup reporting by account across an entire network. View successes, failures, time and date the backup occurred, as well as the number and size of files that have been backed up.

Email reports:  Schedule backup reports for your entire company to be emailed to you at a specified email address.