Data Centers & Security

UltraSafe™ Security

NetBackups is committed to the highest level of security available, from your device to our data centers. We offer our UltraSafe™ three-tiered encryption process that delivers the highest level of backup data security available. And our primary data facilities are tier three and tier four grade security, which is U.S. military grade. The target reliability of each of these data centers is 99.9 -99.99%.


PRISM-Proof Data Encryption

NetBackups offers the most extensive NSA PRISM-proof military grade backup security. We call this three-tiered encryption process UltraSafe™.


With NetBackups, your data is:

Locally encrypted

Encrypted in transit during upload

Encrypted at rest in the data center

No one has access to your data but you. Not even us. This encryption method is the same as that used by the US military. Even data that is backed up on a local device with NetBackups is encrypted.


Military Grade Data Centers

NetBackup’s commitment to security extends to our data centers. Our primary facilities are tier III and IV facilities, and employ U.S. military-grade security.


Our data centers feature:


Security with biometric credential requirements

Fire suppression systems

24/7 online monitoring

Temperature and humidity control


We’ve Got You Covered: Worldwide Data Center Infrastructure

NetBackups utilizes 15 global points of presence and operates out of several worldwide locations:


12 global data centers, including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa

These data centers are ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified.



NetBackups meets the backup needs of the most demanding client verticals. Our robust security features meet the stringent compliance needs of the financial services, healthcare, legal and retail industries.

Our security meets or exceeds the following regulations:



EU US Safe Harbor

SAS 70 Type II (Sarbanes-Oxley)

PCI (Payment Card Industry)