End Point Backup


Today’s enterprise is more diverse than ever. This creates distinct business advantages but also distinct challenges for enterprise IT. NetBackups protects your business data across the range of devices and operating systems that have proliferated in your business, giving you peace of mind.

Backup all your company data seamlessly, without interfering with your users’ productivity.  NetBackup’s easy to use management console and robust infrastructure mean your IT team does not need to be concerned about scalability or management resources. We’ve got your business covered.


Backup as Diverse as Your Business

With 1.62 billion mobile devices in the workspace by 2016, your business’ valuable information assets are on a wide-range of devices. Ensure your data is securely archived no matter where it resides- in or outside of your network. NetBackups offers a wide range of backup and management tools to meet your business needs.


Unlimited Backup for Windows and Mac laptops and desktops.

Unlimited device backup for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows 8 devices ensure all business data is protected, no matter where it lives.

Separates user business and personal data for your company’s protection.

Endpoint backup solution ensures endpoint devices are protected also means device replacement is fast and easy for users, getting them back up and running in the event of device loss.

Account Management applications for mobile devices mean you can manage your Backup anywhere, anytime.


Eliminate Data Deduplication

NetBackups archives all your data and then uses a sophisticated system for regular backups which only affects information that needs it, reducing redundant data and saving your organization time and money. Don’t pay for storage or backup bandwidth you don’t need.

Effective rapid backups don’t intrude on user productivity.

Efficient data deduplication ensures your business pays only for the storage and bandwidth it requires, and not for extraneous or duplicate information.


Save the Day: Snapshots

NetBackups takes daily Snapshots of your endpoint devices and allows you to save an unlimited number of Snapshots. Why? Taking daily Snapshots means you can roll your device back to a specific date, providing an added level of device protection.


Snapshots mean you can roll back to a specific date in the event of data loss or system corruption.

Only NetBackups allows you to save an unlimited number of daily Snapshots, giving you even more protection.


Backing up in the Background

NetBackups protects your data smarter, not harder. We’re always working in the background to ensure your business data is protected.


Users can restore data and settings quickly and easily, minimizing downtime in the event of device loss or failure.

NetBackups will certify your data is protected. If a backup is interrupted, NetBackups will auto-resume and ensure your data is effectively protected.

Resource optimization features minimize bandwidth and CPU utilization, increasing productivity.


Management Features Keep IT in Control

NetBackups reduces the amount of IT time and resources required to manage backup with unified management, policies, and easy configuration.


Centralized Management Dashboard enables IT teams to manage your organization’s business data no matter where it resides.

Intuitive interface with easy to configure policy and reporting tools keep IT in control.

Deploy, manage and report all from the Management Dashboard, and rest assured you have control of all your corporate endpoints.