Mobile Backup & Recovery

NetBackups delivers iOS and Android backup and recovery applications at no additional cost. These applications can be logged into with an existing account, or sub-account for any of your organization’s employees.


Backup unlimited devices: Backup as many Android and iOS devices as you have within your organization. NetBackups does not limit the number of devices.

Backup and recover an entire smartphone: NetBackups allows you to backup and recover applications, contacts, photos, videos, and other media.

Recover to any other device: Recovering and restoring data is simple with NetBackups Android and iOS applications. It is simple to restore any file to any device, even a desktop.


Access Backups Anywhere

NetBackups mobile applications enable you to access backups anywhere in the world. These native applications free you to preview, stream, or download your backed up data, regardless of file type.


Access any file type: Download, stream, or view any piece of backed up data in the Android and iOS applications.

Access data backed up from any device: It doesn’t matter where the file was originally backed up from, you’ll be able to access it in these native applications.


Share Backups

Backing up your business data is critical not just to employees, but co-workers who depend on them. NetBackups native mobile backup applications allow data to be shared between employees or external users.


Send files via email: Once you have identified a file that you want to send, simply add the user’s email address.

Send files with a secure link: The files shared will be available to the recipient via a secured link. Share these backups anywhere in the world!