• Failover

    NetBackups delivers data protection, archiving and recover of Servera and Applications.

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  • Cloud Failover Appliance

    Cloud Failover Appliance

    Cloud Connected appliance for Rapid Failover with integrated backup and archiving

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  • Cloud Failover Appliance

    Data Protection Appliance

    Appliance based backup and archiving for physical and virtual servers

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  • Data Protection Cloud

    Data Protection Cloud

    Direct-to-cloud backup for Mobile, Laptop and remote offices without appliances.

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Business Backups

Protect our Business Data with NetBackups Business


Unlimited PC, Network Drives, Mobile devices. Additional protection for servers with Bare Metal imaging and Shadow Protect services.

Data protection, archiving and recovery for servers and applications.


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Personal Backups

Backup all your personal information and treasured memories with NetBackups.


Pay-per use service allows you to subscribe to only  the space you require and not get charged for any unused space.

Backup all important documents, photos, videos, apps - anything you need to store secure. Unlimited PCs and mobile devices.



Flexible Backup for all your devices

NetBackups backs up any file or folder on standard Windows machines, Mac laptops and desktops, as well as iOS and Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.

UltraSafe™ Secure & Encrypted

NetBackups uses a military-grade encryption process. This means your files are encrypted three times during the three stages of an online backup!


ForeverSave™ automatically and infinitely archives your files and does not limit which backups are accessible for recovery. All backed up data will be available, forever.

Continuous Data Protect

With Continuous Data Protect, NetBackups is always on the lookout for changes in files.

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