Back Up, Failover And Restore In The Cloud With Confidence

You spend great effort securing the perimeter of your business, why leave your data unprotected during failover, backup, and archiving? NetBackups provides encryption, access control, and other security-related capabilities – as well as employs security data management standards – so you can protect your data with confidence.


We provide broad protection of your data, whether its SaaS data, endpoint data, or server data on physical or virtual machines. Easy backups and effortless restores provide fast access to your mission critical data.


Data sent to the NetBackups cloud is encrypted in transit, and then encrypted at rest inside the NetBackups cloud.


Replicate directly to the cloud, on-premises appliances, or take a hybrid approach. NetBackups supports all three.

Security And Compliance Matters

We know security and compliance matters when protecting your data, which is why we employ strict security and compliance standards.


Secure Data Centers:

We store your data in secure colocation data centers with around-the-clock security.


Security Practices:

We employ strong security practices to make sure your data stays safe.


ISO 27001 Certified

We have achieved the ISO/IEC 27001-2013 certification for our cloud services.

Security For Your Servers With NetBackups Backup & Disaster Recovery

Both In Transit And At Rest Encryption


In Transit Encryption:

Data is sent through a secure TLS tunnel.


At Rest Encryption:

We provide an option to encrypt your primary data at rest using AES-256 encryption. In the cloud, the data is encrypted at rest, stored in the same DDFS (deduplication file system), and synchronized with the primary.

Secure On-Premises And In The NetBackups Cloud


Onsite backup and security:

Our DR software plus an on-premises appliance keep your data safe from micro-disasters or small server crashes. We deliver true local disaster recovery to customers.


NetBackups Cloud Infrastructure:

Only unique (deduplicated) content is replicated to the cloud and compressed and encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. The infrastructure that hosts NetBackups Backup & Disaster Recovery (IBDR) is deployed within facilities that utilize industry standard physical controls and maintain redundant power/cooling. All facilities have CCTV (closed-circuit television), physical isolation, and badged/biometric access that protect the NetBackups infrastructure and keeps your data safe. Access to Infrastructure is limited to datacenter personnel and NetBackups authorized personnel.


Environment Isolation:

NetBackups-hosted customer environments are completely (logically and physically) isolated from other infrastructure. Access to production environments is restricted to limited NetBackups personnel only through two factor authentication.


Network Security:

Firewalls are deployed on the perimeter of NetBackups-hosted customer environments. Customer data is isolated behind dedicated VLANS (virtual local area networks) and pass through secure firewalls.

Security For Your Endpoints With NetBackups Cloud Backup

With growing remote workforces, increasing threats of ransomware, and expanding compliance needs, the risk to endpoints (laptops, desktops, and mobile devices) has never been higher. This more distributed workforce has created a larger attack surface, making cybersecurity a top concern for small and mid-sized businesses.  IT administrators need a backup and recovery solution they can rely on to combat these threats.

Secure Mobile Workforce

Protecting the mobile road warrior means being able to backup and control data across all endpoints


Recovery from Ransomware:

Protects your business with anomaly detection, proactive alerting, unlimited file version history, and easy rollback to recover quickly if Ransomware strikes.


Backup Laptops and Mobile Devices:

To address the increased risk to endpoints such as laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, NCB offers unlimited data retention and version history for an unlimited number of endpoint devices.


Powerful Geolocation:

Easily locate lost or stolen devices to disable them and prevent your important data from falling into the wrong hands. NCB works with your endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) software to keep your data safe and available.


Remote Wipe:

With NetBackups, you’re always in control. Delete any business-critical data on remote devices with push-button ease.

Encryption And More


Encryption Controls:

NetBackups Cloud Backup (NCB) UltraSafe technology goes beyond standard encryption to deliver advanced security for your data. Recommended for sensitive data, UltraSafe Private Key Encryption accounts are protected with unique user-defined encryption keys meaning only you can access your data.


Source Encryption:

Our data is encrypted at the source with your private key.


Transit Encryption:

Data is sent through a secure TLS tunnel.


At Rest Encryption:

Your data is encrypted at rest using AES-256 encryption and centrally accessible through our NetBackups Dashboard.

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